Vichy Shower Relaxational Therapy


Full Relaxing Wellness

Avail Spa offers you a unique opportunity of a full relaxing wellness treatment for yourself or for a loved one with the amazing Vichy Shower treatment.

The Vichy thread shower is a very special therapeutic shower with five water jets that caress the body.

The jets are positioned above and close to the person lying comfortably on a bed, transmitting the feeling of total relaxation.



This affusion shower was developed in France and is used in the largest thalassotherapy centers. Its name comes from the latin affusio, to pour and spread, two actions that characterise the use of water with this device, falling from above and massaging the body.

Vichy_p2The Vichy Shower Relaxation Method

The Vichy shower exploits the effects of threads of water to stimulate and tone the tissues while relaxing the client. The water falls with variable intensity on the skin and then flows along the body naturally, permitting a variety of treatments such as a deep body scrub or a body wrap, often with marine seaweed, to optimize the beneficial effects of water.

The water is regulated to different temperatures to obtain effects aimed at firming and toning, stimulating the circulation, direct and indirect hyperemia effects on the adipose tissues, muscles and nerve endings.

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