Photofacials & Scar Reduction


Intense Pulsed Light

IPL is short for intense pulsed light.  It is a treatment that is best-known for its ability to treat conditions like spider veins and the hyper age spots caused by sun damage. IPL also stimulates the production of collagen, which plumps up the skin and gives you a fresher look.

The ideal candidate for IPL is someone with light skin who has sun damage, broken capillaries, and some laxity or lack of firmness, and wants to treat all three conditions at the same time. IPL is referred to as a photo facial. IPL is not the same as a laser treatment.



Fractional Laser

The Palomar 1540 laser system has been developed to treat a wide range of cosmetic conditions, including wrinkles, lines, sagging skin, and textural changes that can occur as a result of the natural aging process.

Treatment can be performed on nearly any area of the body, and is most popularly used on the face, chest, arms, and hands. The Palomar 1540 is a fractional resurfacing treatment that is non-invasive.

Types of Scars

Most frequently, common types of scars include: acne scar, surgical scar, burn scar, injury scar, keloid scar, etc. Proper scar differentiation is critical to ensure that the most effective scar removal treatment is chosen. The following are the main types of scars based on clinical appearance:

Hypertrophic Scar – thick, firm, pink, raised and occur within the edges of a wound and may regress and flatten over time.

Keloid Scar – looks like a hypertrophic scar, but extends beyond the wound margins and usually builds over time.

Atrophic Scar – depressed pin-like pockets in the skin that can result from skin conditions or diseases such as acne and chicken pox. Acne scar is the most common atrophic scar.

Contracture scar – tightened texture, usually caused by a burn, may go deeper to affect muscles and nerves, and may potentially impair the patient’s ability to move. Striae (stretch marks) – red or purple linear bands of wrinkled skin, caused by rapid weight loss or weight gain. Older striae are usually lighter in colour and more fibrotic.Fractal_Laser_p2

Scar Removal Treatments

While no scar can be removed completely, the appearance of a scar can be improved or made less visible through many scar removal procedures like injection, microdermabrasion, certain medications or through surgical revisions.

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