Acleara Acne Treatment


How Acleara Works

Acleara combines two common acne treatment methods. First, vacuum therapy opens and lifts the sebaceous glands and clears our many of the blackheads.

Next, light is used to destroy the bacteria, shock the sebaceous glands and prevent the spread of the oil.

Candidates for Acleara

Nearly anyone with acne is a candidate for Acleara. Due to its gentle nature, Acleara can even be used on teenagers.



Our staff can provide you with a free consultation on whether Acleara is right for you.

Acleara Treatment Session

Acleara does not require any anesthetics beforehand. During a treatment session, the device is moved across your face. A typical Acleara session lasts about 10 to 15 minutes and only requires sunscreen post-treatment.

AclearaAcne_p2Results of Acleara

Acleara noticeably reduces acne after the first treatment session and provides the most visible results after the third treatment session.

In addition to clearing acne, Acleara reduces pores and improves overall skin texture. For best results, four to five treatment sessions spaced one to two weeks apart are typically recommended.

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